Customs VS Request

Completely customized items (meaning your design has been made from scratch) or a LOGO may take longer to process depending on the creative time needed to create the design and product! For the design, print time (9-12 hours) and 1 mold included, our charge is $45+. Pricing may increase due to a more complex nature, more print time or any design outside of our norm. Custom as we consider is usually not placed online for others to purchase. If you need additional molds outside of the 1, those may be purchased at cost. 

Now we do welcome mold request. See a mold you like and we don’t carry it? Easy … If it can be found on Etsy, Google, Pinterest, etc it can be made into a mold and for that we charge normal mold pricing. These specific requests will be posted online. 

Please submit either customs or request by visiting this link here. Outside of this link will go unseen.